Interac Manual Entry Block Process

2017-06-13 11:09
최근 불법 최득한 신용 카드로 Interac manual entry 결제 방식으로 복권을 구매한 사례가 있어 회원 여러분들께 Interac Manual Entry Block Process 를 공지 및 관련 BCLC의 자료를 첨부하오니  참조하시기 바랍니다.

Interac Manual Entry란?

손님이 정상적인 크레딧 카드 Sweep Process 대신 카드 넘버 전체를 넣어 결제하는 방식으로 불법으로 취득한 카드를 사용하는 사기일 확률이 100%입니다.

어떻게 방지할 수 있나요?

가게의 Interac 자체에서 manual로 결제를 못하도록 봉쇄 (block)하는 방법이 가장 확실합니다.

우선 interac 회사에 전화해서 manual entry block을 하길 원한다고 하면 간단한 절차를 거쳐 block합니다.

소요되는 시간은 고작 1~2분으로 미리 설정하시어 피해보는 일이 없길 바랍니다.


Dear Retailer,

Theft and fraud continues to be a concern in the retail environment with fraudsters targeting high value tickets.  It’s critical that you and your staff process every lottery transaction diligently and maintain awareness at all times to reduce the risk of these activities.

One current example in the lower mainland is a suspect found to be performing ‘grab and run’ activity as outlined in the attached BCLC Security Bulletin. Please review the bulletin as the theft suspect may continue his activity until apprehended.

To safeguard against theft and fraud at your location, be sure to:
  • Restrict access to tickets until payment is confirmed - Collect payment and ensure any credit/debit transactions complete successfully,BEFORE giving the lottery ticket(s) to, or even placing the lottery ticket(s) in reach of the customer.

  • Be aware throughout the transaction - Be aware and diligent in best practices when processing lottery transactions of any type of lottery product, online tickets and/or Scratch & Win product.

There are common behavioral and transactional indicators of theft and fraud instances for your staff to be aware of:
  • Fraudsters request High Value lottery tickets – Requests for high value Keno and/or Scratch & Win tickets should trigger caution.

  • Fraudsters may be first-time shoppers at your location - Fraudsters are always looking for new locations to target.

  • Fraudster may appear nervous or in a hurry –Fraudsters may rush clerks by declaring that a draw is coming.

If you are a victim as noted above, please contact the police of jurisdiction within the municipality, GPEB (1-877-660-8850) and BCLC Lottery Support Hotline (1-800-667-1649).
번호 제목 작성자 작성일 조회
공지사항 KBA BC 2017.07.14 623
공지사항 KBA BC 2017.06.26 298
공지사항 KBA BC 2017.05.09 609
공지사항 KBA BC 2016.12.29 810
46 KBA BC 2017.08.22 225
45 KBA BC 2017.08.18 227
44 KBA BC 2017.08.15 228
43 KBA BC 2017.08.11 258
42 KBA BC 2017.06.13 480
41 KBA BC 2017.06.07 499
40 KBA BC 2017.06.02 487
39 KBA BC 2017.06.02 421
38 KBA BC 2017.05.30 517
37 KBA BC 2017.05.23 479
36 KBA BC 2017.05.12 492
35 KBA BC 2017.05.05 519
34 KBA BC 2017.05.05 537
33 KBA BC 2017.04.28 616
32 KBA BC 2017.04.26 522
31 KBA BC 2017.04.26 606
30 KBA BC 2017.04.26 601
29 KBA BC 2017.04.21 556
28 KBA BC 2017.04.19 499
27 KBA BC 2017.04.17 587